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Hable for Garnet Hill


Since 2001 Garnet Hill has been carrying Hable Construction textiles in the pages of their mail-order catalogues and on their website, www.garnethill.com. “We started out showcasing Hable’s unique bedding and textiles. Their design aesthetic and whimsical, rustic charm complement our own exclusive collections,” says Mary Steenburgh, Garnet Hill Senior Home Designer. “Hable Construction, with the help of a Hungarian women’s cooperative, began to produce a line of appliqued wool-felt pillows, stockings, and personal accessories. One of our first collaborations with Hable was to develop a collection of wool-felt holiday stockings.”

“Working with Garnet Hill has been a dream come true for Hable Construction. We have quite a few business and aesthetic objectives – common ground that has made our collabortion not only fun, but also very fulfilling,” says Susan Hable Smith. “One very special connection is our love of holiday traditions. We share an enthusiasm for updating traditional motifs. Collaborating with Garnet Hill to create our holiday collection is a great recipe for joyous, new holiday memories for customers – and this is what truly inspires the collection!”

From the success of that first stocking collection, Garnet Hill has become a leading source for original Hable holiday designs. The product line has evolved and expanded over the years, offering exciting new patterns and styles. “We’ve expanded our offers for key items and will present some new product categories that our customers are going to love,” Mary says.

The collaboration has expanded to include more holiday items than ever including wool felt stockings, tree skirts, wrapping paper, and childrens’ sweaters. In 2007-08, Garnet Hill began producing Hable-designed bedding products in soft palettes and delicate textures.


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