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Artist Shout-out + American Made Finalist!!!

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Brooke Davidson interned with us in the studio from the Textiles program at The University of Georgia. Her thesis project was incredible in its presentation, energy, and color. These "paintings" are actually presented as digital prints on cotton sateen, and we love how Brooke used her inventive artistry to push the boundaries of art and possibility. We're really proud that we were able to work with her! She's currently in Charleston, SC working with our friend Lulie Wallace. Check out more of her work here: www.brookedavidsondesigns.com  ////////////////   Instagram: @brookedavidson_designs


This body of work is an exploration of the physical materials I use. The finished paintings are the results of innate, reactionary impulses based on the interactions of the materials. Each painting initially came to life from a few spontaneous moments based on my natural, gut instinct. From these occurrences, I allow the materials to freely interact. As the relationship between the water and paint begins, it evolves naturally into something completely new. Through my process of working, I continue to let the material lead and then I follow. Once I understand the natural motion of the material, then I create. The impulsive and innate process of creating in which I thrive, welcomes beautifully chaotic moments that feel honest and authentic. - Brooke Davidson, 2014

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge       We are so excited and honored to be in the company of so many incredible makers who focus on the start to finish in the
      USA like we do. It's exciting to be a finalist in the first round of the Martha Stewart American Made Contest.
      Check out the other finalists here: 


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